How Often Should You Replace the Blades and Foils of Your Electric Shaver

It’s natural: the more you use your trusty electric shaver, the sooner the blades and foils fail you. Yes, even if you have the best men electric razor for sensitive skin, the blades become blunt over time – it’s inevitable. This fact leads to a less comfortable shave, which can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re on the clock. Furthermore, a dull blade will force you to go over certain areas of your face multiple times, resulting in irritation and possibly even having cuts.

Good news: you don’t have to throw the razor away – replacing the foils and the blades will be enough. New cutters can breathe life into a good old electric shaver and make it feel brand-new. The question is how often should the “spare parts” be replaced? Let’s go ahead and try to answer this question together!

Official Brand Recommendations

So, according to the leading international brands, as long as you change the blades and foils once a year (or even once in 18 months), you’ll be golden. A quick note: if you have naturally thicker hair and prefer to shave daily or even three-four times a week, you would like to “update” your blades and foils earlier in order to avoid any unwanted scenarios.

Answer the following questions when unsure whether it’s time for a replacement or not:

  • How often do you shave?
  • Is your hair dense and coarse?
  • How often do you clean your shaver?
  • Do you ever lubricate it?
  • Did you use to enjoy high-quality blades and foils or something cheap?
  • Do you prefer mineral-based talcum (it has a negative effect on durability)?

This isn’t exactly science, of course. But if you shave every single day, have dense hair, and never clean the shaver it probably means that you need to change the foils and blades sooner than most of your friends.

Is it Already Time to Buy New Parts? Check Yourself!

Here’s a list of the most obvious signs that a replacement is due:

  • The shave isn’t as close as it used to be. As I said in the beginning, if you’re going over the same area of your face repeatedly and pressing harder to get the job done, it’s most likely that the blades are getting dull. This is the most obvious sign that you need to go shopping for a new blade.

  • The head of the shaver is getting scary hot. This fact indicates that both the blades and the foils have worn out. Over time, the friction inside of the shaver leads to the deformation of the metallic parts, and they start to overheat.

  • Pulling and tugging becomes a regular thing. You know you’re in trouble when the shaver starts pulling out parts of your bristle hair. This is highly uncomfortable and painful if nothing else.

  • Shaving isn’t as smooth as it used to be. Dull, worn blades, and deformed metallic parts make you squeeze that shaver harder, apply more pressure, and go over certain areas rapidly.

Should You Only Change the Blades and Not the Foils?

Many big brands (like Panasonic, for example) allow changing the blades and foils separately. Now, while this fact speaks highly of their manufacturing team, I highly recommend replacing both the blades and the foils at the same time. That way, you won’t have to do any second-guessing or backtracking in case you’re not fully satisfied with the new blades.

And in most cases, even when the shaving foils seem good enough but the old blades are dull, rest assured the foils are also in a bad shape. It’s true that new blades will greatly improve the situation, but when working in combination with bad foils, they’ll dull sooner and cause new problems for you.

Taking Care of Your Shaver

#1 – Clean it after each use. Get rid of all the hair, dead skin, and everything else that might get stuck in there.

#2 – Lubricate the “insides” of the shaver. Trust me: this will significantly improve the longevity of your device.

#3 – Don’t forget to dry off the shaver. Water is known to corrode metal, and the last thing you want is your shaver to rust.

The Verdict

Well, that’s about it! Remember to change your blades/foils regularly and take proper care of your stuff. That way, you will never have to deal with a face full of cuts and bruises on a busy day. Thousands of fellas around the globe throw away perfectly capable shavers just because they’ve been using the same blades for many years. Don’t make the same mistake, and share your thoughts in the comments!

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