How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps…actually all of us have had them, and we know that they can turn such a good sunny day into a nightmare. They seem to come out of nowhere, and unless you’ve got at least some experience in handling them, it will be very hard to do anything about that situation. So, today I’ll answer the most important question – how to get rid of razor bumps. Join me, and let’s see how to free yourself from bumps on your face, neck, and all the other areas that require special attention.

Tried-And-True Techniques

  • Take some time to prepare your skin and brittle. The best way to do that is to take a shower. Do you know why most men shave in the shower while being shown in the movies/TV shows? It’s simple: while the skin is nice and warm (and moisturized), it’s ready for the razor. The hair, in turn, will be soft after a shower, which is also a good thing. You can also start shaving after you leave the shower, but don’t wait too long.

  • Avoid using multi-blade razors. While they’re generally good, these types of razors are known for pulling and/or tugging on the skin. That is especially true for not-so-fresh blades; if you’re feeling irritation, switch to a single-blade razor. This could help you get rid of razor bumps on neck as it’s a highly sensitive area.

  • Shave with the grain and use a shaving gel. Apply the gel carefully and avoid shaving against the grain – shave along with it. True, this won’t result in a super-close shaving, but it is quite effective as a razor bump treatment. When you move the razor against the grain, the chance of you developing ingrown hair is higher.

  • And what about using an electric razor for sensitive skin? Many experts in the field claim that when struggling with razor bumps, switching from a manual razor to an electric one might solve the problem. The reason is that electric razors don’t cut as close and are more “forgiving” towards the skin.

Creams, Oils, and Mitts

  • Use an exfoliating cleanser and some oil. These are available at local stores and don’t cost much. A cleanser will get rid of unwanted dead skin cells that get stuck in the razor and irritate the healthy skin. Pre-shave oil is also a safe bet, especially if you’ve got thick hair on your beard. Oil can smooth and soften the hair, making it easier to shave.

  • Consider using hair removal creams. It might sound a bit weird, but the proper type of cream can really help you to get rid of hair bumps on your face. Here’s how it works: you apply the cream on your face (especially the beard) and leave it alone for a minute or two. Next, grab a warm towel and wipe it off. The hair will “magically” come off!

  • Have you got red bumps on your neck after shaving, but not on the entire face? I recommend using finger mitts. These are specifically made for “precision attacks”, meaning you won’t have to cover your entire face with them. The key ingredients include witch hazel, lactic acid, aloe, and more. These mitts are great not only at removing ingrown hairs but also soothing redness.

  • And how should you treat razor bumps on private parts? Pretty much the same as on your face. Go with single-blade razors, shave along with the grain, and consider using finger mitts. There are many “intimate shaving creams” on the market, but most of them are just regular creams with a steep price-tag. In some cases, taking a shower or soaking in a warm bath can eliminate bumps on your entire body.

Some Quick Tips

  • Let the hair grow before shaving again. Give it a few days at least. If you try to shave again too soon, you won’t get rid of much hair, but you will definitely hurt the skin.

  • Don’t ever scratch the “bumpy” area. I know it’s hard to resist, but by scratching the already-irritated skin, you’ll only make the matters worse. Breaking the bumps can lead to infection, which is even worse than the actual bumps.

  • Allow a dermatologist to lend you a hand. Sure, we all hate talking to the doctors about stuff like this. However, if your razor bumps aren’t going away for several weeks, I highly recommend paying a visit to your doc.

The Verdict

Razor bumps aren’t fun at all. Thankfully, with the right set of “tools”, and a little bit of luck, you’ll be able to beat them. Just remember: even the best safety razor for sensitive skin won’t do you any good unless you’re using it right. Keep that in mind, follow the tips and tricks we learned today, and don’t forget to comment!

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