Very often, we hear ladies complain about how much time they need to devote to their personal beauty care routines. However, the chances are that those ladies do not realize that male beauty care routines have the right to exist too. Well, let’s take things orderly – my name is Wakius Hereford, and I am a barber with many years on experience in the area.

It has always been a mystery to me why some people think that gentlemen do not actually need to pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Let’s be honest, all of us point out a neat, gorgeous-looking man when we see one. A trendy haircut, a well-trimmed beard, clean, and trendy clothes define a well-mannered, tidy and elegant person.

I started low, I was a student of a little-known, but highly-skilled barber and I think I managed to absorb anything I could from him because now I am a respected Instructor at Nashville Barber and Style Academy and founder at First Class Cutz.  However, the times are changing, and I figured that without adaptation, I was destined to fail. That is why, apart from practical experience, I try to gain as much theoretical one as well. When there is a fresh cut on the horizon – I dive so deep into it that it is hard to imagine, but that precision is what makes me a successful hairstylist and barber I am. Also, I realize all the issues and troubles that man has to go through, and that certainly involves shaving and aftercare. You may not believe me, but there is barely any razor than I haven’t given a try myself.

A lot of time has indeed passed since I have been a student, and I have many apprentices of my own, but I never seize to study. Today, I figured that I reached that point when I am ready to share my hairstyling, barbery, and other tips and tricks with you. Hopefully, you will find them as useful and practical as I do!